2 Chord Songs on Guitar

Easy Guitar Songs = Practicing Made Fun

For beginners, guitar may seem like a lot of work – but it doesn’t have to be! Learning songs with 2 chords will give you a chance to practice and HAVE FUN at the same time! And, let’s face it, the more you enjoy something the more you’ll want to do it. These easy 2 chord guitar songs will make you practice your chord shapes and chord switching without even realizing you’re practicing!

Learn The Basics Through Learning Easy Guitar Songs For Beginners

When you practice a 2 chord song, you are constantly switching between the same two shapes over and over… kind of like an… exercise? Yeah.. it’s a MUSICAL exercise, that’s going to turn into something you can actually play to impress your friends. If you start guitar with a handful of easy 2 chord songs, you’ll end up learning all of the basic chord shapes on guitar, develop muscle memory, accurate chord switching and many other essential musical skills.

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practicing a two chord song on guitar
Practicing the C chord

Easy Songs To Learn on Guitar

Here’s a list of the first guitar songs to learn, organized by chords:

G to Em

Songbird Guitar Tutorial (Oasis)

E to A

Born In The U.S.A. Guitar Tutorial (Bruce Springsteen)

Achy Breaky Heart Guitar Tutorial (Billy Ray Cyrus)

State of Grace Guitar Tutorial (Taylor Swift)

Row Row Row Your Boat Guitar Tutorial

G to D

What I Got Guitar Tutorial (Sublime)

Lively Up Yourself Guitar Tutorial (Bob Marley)

G to C

Jambalaya Guitar Tutorial (Hank Williams)

Everyday People Guitar Tutorial (Sly and The Family Stone)

You Never Can Tell Guitar Tutorial (Chuck Berry)

Itsy Bitsy Spider Guitar Tutorial

Five Little Ducks Guitar Tutorial

C to F (easy F)

Feelin’ Alright Guitar Tutorial (Joe Crocker)

C to Em

Eleanor Rigby Guitar Tutorial (The Beatles)

G to Am

Tennessee Whiskey Guitar Tutorial (Chris Stapleton’s Version)

Em to D

A Horse With No Name Guitar Tutorial (America)

C to D

Dreams Guitar Tutorial (Fleetwood Mac)

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