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Today we have a modern holiday classic: “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey! This is the easiest version of it that you’ll find on the web. I managed to arrange the entire song using only basic chord shapes and common strumming patterns, so hopefully you’ll be able to get this one together in time for the holiday season!

Intro sung by the incredible Carmina Bolinao: Follow her here: https://www.youtube.com/user/alacarmina Throughout the lesson, I mention my free eBook, covering all the basics of rhythm guitar. If you need any help at all with the basics, we’ve got you covered! It’s FREE to all of our subscribers. You can find it here: https://goodguitarist.com/learn-rhythm-guitar/

The lesson begins with a handful of chord shapes that are necessary to play the verse: G, C and D. We work those out, then take a look at a basic strumming pattern that we can play with them. We also talk about the difference between a “straight” and a “swing” feel (this song uses the latter).

After working through the verse together, we take a look at the chorus, which requires a few new chord shapes: B7, Em and Am. Then we figure out how to fit the strumming pattern over some of the trickier spots before playing through the whole thing together.

Next up is the bridge, which requires the A7 chord but is otherwise quite straightforward. And finally we finish the tutorial by showing you the intro. What makes this part special is that it’s in “rubato” time, meaning the timing is loose and interpreted by the musician. We spend some time addressing how to get through this and it’s actually quite simple: we just need to pay attention to the lyrics and strum our chords along with certain syllables.

Overall this song is made up of a bunch of simple parts, but there’s just a whole lot of it. It uses a bunch of chord shapes, has a few spots where the strumming pattern changes… but as long as you take it slow, go bit by bit and work everything out how we do in the tutorial you should be all good!

See you soon!

All I Want For Christmas Is You Chords:

g chord guitarc chord guitara minor chord guitar amd chord guitarb7 chord guitar  e minor chord guitar em

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