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Hey everyone! In today’s lesson I’m going to show you all one of the most popular (and greatest) acoustic folk songs EVER: “Blowin’ In The Wind” by Bob Dylan. We go over it in 3 ways, starting with some basic chords + strumming and eventually figuring out how to play it exactly like it is on the recording.

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The lesson is broken down into three parts: the chords, the strumming and the embellishments.

The chords: There are only 3 chords used in this song – G, C and D. These are all pretty simple (among the first few chords that almost everybody learns). We practice playing them using downstrokes only, to help us get used to the chord progression. This is the first thing you should get comfortable with.

Strumming: This song uses a really common strumming pattern. If you need help with it, I recommend practicing it over a single chord many times, and then incorporating it into the chord progression.

Embellishments: Time to add all those extra bits and pieces that make this song come alive! I show you how to play them, one at a time, as we work our way through the tune, and then we practice them together nice and slow. Be sure to incorporate these extra bits one at a time and to take your time with each of them as combining the rhythm part with all of these will take some work and some patience.

I hope you enjoy the lesson and I’ll see you soon!

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