In this lesson we show you how to play “Castle On The Hill” exactly like Ed Sheeran does in this live version of it.

The chords are actually pretty simple, once you realize you only need to move 1 or 2 fingers in order to get to the next shape. What’s really challenging is the strumming. It’s simple enough, but very fast, so definitely give it some work.

The chords are: D, G, Em11, Asus4, D/F#. I know those symbols seem pretty whacky, but they’re really easy. For example, if you start with a G chord and change just 1 finger, you end up with Em11. We show you how to do that, and give you a chance to work out the shapes.

For the rhythm, it’s all downstrokes with an accented pattern. We show you how to feel the rhythm before trying it on guitar in order to really internalize it and focus on the song.

I hope you enjoy the lesson and we’ll see you all next week!

Castle On The Hill Chords:

d chord guitar g chord guitar  this a7sus4 chord is found in 90s style music

Castle On The Hill Strumming:

photograph strumming pattern

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