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The Strum Slap – Add Some Percussion To Your Strumming

In this lesson we’ll go over what is commonly referred to as the strum slap (... or “slap strum,” “acoustic slap,” “percussive guitar technique,” or “percussive slap” - while googling the interweb, I discovered about 5 different names for this technique, so we’ll just keep it simple and call it a “slap” from here on). [...]

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The “Count-in” – Underrated, and CRAZY Important

"One.. two.. one, two, three, four!” It’s a phrase we’re all familiar with - no air guitar performance would be complete without it! - and yet the proper execution of this rhythmic remark is rarely taught. It may not seem like a big deal, but learning how to count off a song is worthwhile as [...]

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Debunking The “I’m Not Musical” Myth

Are you musical? Before you answer that question, I would like to address a baseless belief that many people prescribe to when talking about musical talent: Musical talent is a gift you simply have or do not have. I'm going to tell you right now that this is simply untrue. [...]

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Why Should You Learn To Play Guitar?

Chances are, you're here for a reason: to learn how to play the guitar. Since you're already here, we're sure that you are already aware of some of its benefits. We're here right now to help you every step of the way and to give you some additional reasons as to why you [...]

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Refine Your Riffs In 5 Simple Steps

Over the past few years, while building my teaching "dojo" (as one of my former teachers would call it) I've learned a lot of things about how students learn.  I didn't have it all figured out from the start.  I learned, through experience, how to walk the fine line between the information side of things - [...]

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