Hey everyone! In today’s lesson, we’re gonna show you how to play “Don’t Look Back In Anger” by Oasis. This song uses a really important chord progression (borrowed from Pachelbel’s canon) and is great to learn as it includes a whole bunch of the basic, open-position chords.

We start out by showing you the chords (C, G, D, Am, Em, F) and then we practice them slowly, using downstrokes only, and count our way through the verse.

After that, we show you the strumming pattern used in the song – which is a pretty common one that really helps to bring out the “backbeat.”

The pre-chorus is probably the most complicated part of this tune as it involves a strange new chord (G#diminished) and has a bit of a riffy bassline thing. But don’t worry, we explain it nice and clear so you’ll definitely be able to figure it out!

Don’t Look Back In Anger Chords:

c chord guitar g chord guitar a minor chord guitar am e chord guitar

Don’t Look Back In Anger Strumming Pattern:

lost boy strumming pattern guitar

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