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Hey all! Today we’re going a bit more intermediate and doing a fingerstyle tune with some tougher shapes and a bit of strumming to top it all off.

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I also have some other resources you might be interested in.

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The lesson begins with the verse. We use 6 stretchy chord shapes and a fairly basic fingerpicking pattern. I walk you through it, bit-by-bit, and then we put it together.

Next up is the chorus, which requires some new shapes and a strumming pattern. The A/C# is the only tricky one here.

Following that, we work on some of the differences. The 2nd verse is a little different than the 1st verse, and the 2nd chorus is a little different than the first.

And that leads us in to the bridge, which is like a song unto itself. New key, new shapes, same pattern. We work through it and that lands us in the final chorus, which, once again, as a couple different things in it. We go over all that and then play through a big chunk of the tune.

I hope you enjoyed the lesson and I’ll see you soon!

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