Eleanor Rigby – The Beatles

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Hey everyone! In today’s lesson, I’m going to show you how to play “Eleanor Rigby” by The Beatles. This song is just 2 chords, so it’s very approachable for beginners, but to make it a bit more interesting I’ve also included a little bit of a chord melody. This will add some flavor to the song and make it sound a bit more like the original recording, which is originally played by a small strings group (strings means violins, violas, cellos, etc).

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1:15 – Chords + Verse
3:52 – Strumming + Verse Playalong
6:28 – Prechorus + Playalong
8:36 – Chorus + Playalong
9:18 – Playalong (all parts)

The lesson begins with the chord shapes: C & E minor. From there, we practice playing them and work out the counting, since it is a bit trickier in this song than your usual two-chord wonder.

Following that, we take a look at the rhythm for this song, and then I show you a neat way to make the E minor chord a bit more interesting just by adding one finger and moving it around.

Finally we put the whole song together and play through it part by part!