Fix You – Coldplay

Hey everyone! This week we’re going to show you all how to play “Fix You” by Coldplay. This is a pretty easy lesson, aside from the F barre chord (which can definitely be a challenge!) But don’t worry… we show you an easy way to play the F chord, as a substitute for the real thing, so you can play this tune no matter what your level.

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We begin with the verse, and the chords for the verse are: C, Em, G, Am. These are all pretty basic and as we move on, we practice switching between them all, along to the song, using downstrokes only – this way we can focus on making nice, clean chord switches.

After that, we show you how to play the strumming pattern which is, on a rhythmic level, quite basic. It’s included in our eBook as one of the 6 essential strumming patterns (you can find a video for it, too, on the same page).

From there we tackle the F chord in a couple different ways (an easy way, and a barre’d way 😉 and work out the Chorus and Bridge. And that’s it!

I hope you enjoy the lesson and I’ll see you next week!

Fix You Chords:

c chord guitare minor chord guitar emg chord guitara minor chord guitar am   f chord guitar