Hey everyone! In this lesson we celebrate one of the legends of Rock ‘n Roll – we’re going to learn how to play “Free Fallin'” by Tom Petty.

We start out with the easy version that uses a capo on the 3rd fret, and then afterwards I show you how to play it without a capo (which is a bit more advanced, as it requires the use of barre chords).

If you need any extra help with the chords, please check out our free eBook. It’s available here – https://goodguitarist.com/learn-rhythm-guitar/

I also mention our barre chord mini-series, in case you need help with that F or Bb chord. You can find that one here – https://goodguitarist.com/basic-barre-chords/

The easy version of this tune is very easy as far as the chords are concerned. It’s just D, G and A… 3 very basic chords. We take a look at those, and work on the timing of them (since the chord changes happen in the middle of the measures, which isn’t something we come across all the time). After that we add a strumming pattern, which is the most challenging part of this. Then we play it together nice and slow.

After that I show you how we can add a tiny bit to our strumming pattern to make it more “active” for the chorus (just to get a bit of a lift) and then we conclude with the “no capo” version of the song, showing you how to perform it with the F, Bb and C chords and how to switch quickly between them by rolling your 3rd finger.

While it’s very sad that such an amazing musician, poet and performer has passed, I hope by learning his music we can all pay tribute to one of the best!

Practice hard!

Free Fallin’ Chords (easy version):

d chord guitar g chord guitara chord guitar

Free Fallin’ Chords (no capo version):

f chord guitarc chord guitar


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