“Gangsta’s Paradise” Easy Chord Melody | Coolio

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Hey everyone! In today’s lesson I’m going to show you all how to play “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio. It’s sampled from the song “Pastime Paradise” by Stevie Wonder, and has been famously parodied by Weird Al Yankovic with his song “Amish Paradise.”

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The lesson begins with a simple chord melody. We can break it down into 4 parts, each one consisting of just a couple notes. Even if you’re new to guitar, this one is VERY approachable. We figure out the notes, practice playing it together, and then talk about “pulsing” the melody note to sort of copy the effect of the strings in the recording.

In the second half of the lesson, we learn 4 chords and a strumming pattern. This song is just the same stuff the whole way through, so if you just want to sing along, bust out some rhymes, this is a great song for that too!

I hope you enjoy the lesson and I’ll see you next time!