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Hey everyone! In today’s lesson I’m going to show you an easy (accurate) way to play “Hand In My Pocket” by Alanis Morissette. This is a great song to help us get started on guitar, as we can take advantage of a simple beginner’s trick that I use with my students who are struggling to grasp the basic chord shapes.

Next time, we’ll be using this song in a totally different way: as an exercise to help us learn barre chords. I’ll post a link to it here when it’s ready!

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The lesson begins with the chord shapes: G, Cadd9, F6/9, Dsus4. These may look COMPLICATED – by they’re NOT! They are suuuper simple. Once you get the G chord, all you need to do is move 2 fingers to get the next chord. Move 2 fingers to get the next chord, etc. These are some really easy switches, and we take the time to go over them and make sure you’re doing them right, before checking out the strumming pattern.

The rhythm is about as simple as the chords. As long as you remember to count out loud and work out the strokes 1 at a time, lining them up with the counting, this one should be a cinch!

Finally, we conclude the lesson by playing the chords together with the strumming pattern and making 1 full pass through the tune!

Hope you enjoy the lesson and I’ll see you soon!

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