Hey everyone! In this week’s tutorial we’re going to teach you how to play “Hey Soul Sister” by Train. It’s a 4-chord wonder, and aside from the F chord it’s pretty simple. I just realized that this is the last Friday of the month, so we’ll have this month’s fan request next week (sorry for the confusion.. I’m not good with calendars 😛 )

We start off with the chords: C, G, Am, F. And then we practice putting them in order, using downstrokes only.

Once we’re comfortable with the chords, we work out the strumming pattern, starting with a really simple one, working out the counting and eventually adding those final touches (dynamics!) that really make it happen!

There’s not much else to it, just a simple, concise lesson where we show you each of the parts and put it all together.

I hope you enjoy the lesson and we’ll see you next week!

Hey Soul Sister Chords:

c chord guitara minor chord guitar am  f chord guitar g chord guitar

Hey Soul Sister Strumming Pattern:

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