Hey everyone! In this lesson we’re going to show you how to play Hey There Delilah, by Plain White T’s, exactly like the recording. The chords are pretty simple – if you watch the music video you can see the only difficult chord he plays is the B minor barre chord. Aside from that, it’s smooth sailing! The fingerpicking is really cool, too. It’s halfway between strumming and plucking.. you’ll see what I mean 🙂

The chords used in this one are D, G, A and Bm. There are a couple of spots where we adjust the bass notes on the chords, but that has more to do with the picking pattern than the actual shapes.

Speaking of the fingerpicking pattern, it’s a really unique one. We’re hitting bass notes with our thumb, keeping a solid beat going. And at the same time, we’re doing upstrokes with our forefinger. It’s a lot easier than it sounds.. REALLY easy actually.

So aside from that, there’s not much else to this song. We go over each section, in detail, and then give you a chance to play along slowly and that’s pretty much it!

Hey There Delilah Chords:

d chord guitarbm b minor  a chord guitar g chord guitar

Hey There Delilah Finger-picking Pattern:

hey there delilah fingerpicking fingerstyle

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