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Hey everyone! In today’s lesson, we’re going to learn to play “I Saw Her Standing There” by The Beatles, in a VERY simple way. We’ll be using 7th chords (which are somehow easier than the basic chords) and a simple strumming pattern that’ll have you playing along to this one right away.

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The lesson begins with some chord shapes: E7, A7, B7, C7. They are all quite straight-forward, and if you need extra help with them, I recommend checking out my free resources.

Once we’ve taken a look at the shapes and worked out the switches, we practice playing through the entire chord progression using downstrokes only.

Next up is the strumming. This one is pretty easy as far as patterns go, but even though it’s easy, I want you to make sure you work out the rhythm and count out loud if you’re not feeling 100% solid with it.

After that, we combine the chords and strumming and play through the whole song nice and slow.

I hope you enjoy the lesson and I’ll see you soon!

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