Hey everyone! This week I’m going to show you all how to play “Make You Feel My Love,” written by Bob Dylan and performed by Adele. You can play either version (Bob or Adele) simply by placing the capo in a different place for each.

We start with the chord shapes, and there are some tricky ones here so be sure to take your time and practice switching between those shapes. I spent quite a while trying to find the right position to play this one in so that we can avoid barre chords but at the same time make it sound like the original recording. It’s really worth your while to learn how to play the E/G# chord especially, as you’ll run into this shape quite a lot during your guitar career 🙂

We then go over a strumming pattern that’s 2x longer than usual. We take the time and count it out, showing you a neat way to memorize it better, and then we practice putting it together with the chord shapes.

If you’re looking to get past the basic chord shapes and strumming patterns, practicing this tune will definitely do it for you. Enjoy the lesson and I’ll see you next week!


Make You Feel My Love Chords:

d chord guitard minor chord guitar dm  b7 chord guitar a chord guitar e chord guitar    


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