How To Play “Man Of Constant Sorrow” by The Soggy Bottom Boys

In this lesson we’ll show you how to play “Man Of Constant Sorrow” which was originally written in 1953 by Carter Stanley. It was made popular again by “The Soggy Bottom Boys” in the movie “O Brother Where Art Thou?” (which is actually a modern twist on Homer’s “The Odyssey” which was written almost 3000 years ago! Anyway, enough history, let’s get down to guitarrin!

The song uses just 3 chords: E, A and B7. They’re all quite easy, and if you need help with them we have some videos that isolate the switch from E to A, A to B7 and E to B7, which you can find here — https://goodguitarist.com/ebook-extras/

The strumming is quite simple too, which makes this a great song for beginners. I recommend practicing the chords with downstrokes only (like we do in the video) until you can really nail the switching before trying to conquer the strumming.

If you need extra help with the chords or the strumming, or just want to improve your strumming skills, feel free to check out our free ebook at https://goodguitarist.com/ebook-extras/. We spent a lot time on this book — figuring out what we wanted to include, how we could get the point across but keep it simple enough to understand, and ultimately, we had to learn how to publish an ebook because it was something we’d never done before. Anyway, we put a lot of effort in so it would be nice if you could download it – it is free, afterall!

Man Of Constant Sorrow Chords:

e chord guitar a chord guitar b7 chord guitar

Man Of Constant Sorrow Strumming Pattern:

Man Of Constant Sorrow Strumming Pattern

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