In this lesson we show you how to play “Me and Bobby McGee” originally written by Kris Kristofferson and Fred Foster. This song is quite simple, but there’s a small catch – there’s a key change halfway through the tune. We start in the key of G, then switch to the key of A. Within each key, it’s basically a 3-chord song – so this song is kind of like two 3-chord songs in one!

The chords are G, G7, C, D, D7 for the first part. You can use G and D instead of G7 and D7 if you want to make it even simpler. The second part uses: A, A7, D, E, E7.

The strumming pattern is pretty simple and we go through it slowly to make sure you get it. And finally we show you how to play the intro riff.

All-in-all this is a pretty simple tune and I hope you all enjoy it!

Me and Bobby McGee Chords:

c chord guitar d chord guitar e chord guitar a chord guitar g chord guitar

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