New Light (Guitar Solo) – John Mayer

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Hey all! In today’s lesson, I’m going to be teaching all the lead guitar stuff from “New Light” by John Mayer. If leads aren’t your thing, I already made a lesson for all the rhythm stuff. You can find it here:

The lesson begins with the guitar solo, which is not too speedy. The real challenge comes from all the bends: half-step bends, pre-release, bend and release. Bending is how I trained my sense of pitch and this song will definitely push you to the limits.

Once we go over the solo, we play it together at an ultra slow speed, then we move on to some other bits:

– The “rhythm” part that you’d play (we aren’t just going to wait around for the solo! Gotta play something in the meantime…)
– The synth lick (that you hear about 10 seconds into the song)
– The funky guitar part (just before the solo, over the “bridge”)

And the coolest thing about this song, is the fact that you can sit down with a friend, grab 2 guitars, and play all of this stuff together! If you need help with that, just watch the intro to either the lead or rhythm tutorial and see how it all fits together!