My Favorite Warmup Exercise for Developing Dexterity

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This is a very simple exercise, and if you go through it step-by-step, adding a little bit each time, you’ll get the best/fastest results.

To start, practice the Descent and Ascent in your own time (no metronome) until you can get through it without mistakes. When you’re ready:

1) Descending (8765) with 2 beats of “set up”
2) Descending (8765) with 1 beats of “set up”
3) Descending (8765) with 0 beats of “set up”
4) Ascending (5678)
5) Combine DESCENDING + ASCENDING and be able to do it perfectly 4x in a row at 60 bpm
6) Instead of Downstrokes only, start going “Down-up”
7) Raise tempo to 62bpm, 64, 66, etc. Don’t raise tempo until you can do it 2-3x perfectly
8) Play this exercise all over the fretboard (start at 1st fret, or 10th, or wherever.. it’s up to you!)