In this lesson I show you how to play “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver, in standard tuning. For the most part, this song is pretty simple (just chords and a fairly easy strumming pattern). But there are some fills (riffs, licks.. whatever you’d like to call them) that definitely add some challenge for those who are interested in learning it exactly like the recording.

Please note that the original recording is performed part way between the key of B and C. This means you won’t be able to play along with it (you can but it’ll be a little hard on the ears). For this reason, I play along with every part of the song at the beginning (almost the whole thing) to give you something to practice to later, once you’ve worked out each part separately.

The chords used are: Am, C, C/G, F/C, G/B, G/D. All these slash chords look kind of strange, I know, but we have to use them in order to approximate the chords used on the recording which are played on a guitar in an open tuning. Maybe in the future I’ll make a lesson in the original tuning but for practical purposes this lesson is in standard EADGBe (we don’t all have an extra guitar that we can leave in open A or whatever.. and it’s pretty impractical to retune a guitar halfway through a set when you’re on stage.. just my 2 cents).

Anyway, we show you the intro, verse and chorus and all the fills that he plays. Aside from that there’s not much else to it so hopefully you have fun learning this one and I’ll see you next week!


Skinny Love Chords:

a minor chord guitar am c chord guitar

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