Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

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Hey everyone! In today’s lesson I’m going to show you how to play “Sweet Caroline” (BAP BAP BAHHHH) by Neil Diamond. This song can be really simple – just three basic chords – but I also have come up with a cool way to play the intro that’s normally played by a bass and horns.

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2:45 – Chords
5:20 – Strumming Pattern #1
7:06 – Pre-Chorus
7:52 – Strumming Pattern #2
10:16 – Chorus
12:00 – Chord Melody (Intro)

The lesson begins with the chord shapes: A, D and E. We go over the chord shapes and then I show you some tips that will help you switch between them effectively and efficiently. Once we work out the chord shapes, we practice playing them using downstrokes only (just to get them in the right order and the right number of times). After that we take a look at the strumming pattern for the verse and put it all together.

Next up is the pre-chorus and chorus. For these parts we need a new strumming pattern and a couple variations on our chord shapes. Changing from A to A6 is really simple – just add a finger. And it’s the same case for E to E7 and E6. We work out all the chords and we practice playing them together.

Finally we take a look at that intro bit. This part can be done fingerstyle but it can also be done with a pick plus your middle or ring finger (called “hybrid picking”).

I hope you enjoy this lesson. If you need any help don’t forget to ask.

See you next time!