My Favorite Warmup Exercise for Developing Dexterity

This is a very simple exercise, and if you go through it step-by-step, adding a little bit each time, you'll get the best/fastest results.To start, practice the Descent and Ascent in your own time (no metronome) until you can get through it without mistakes. When you're ready:0) SET METRONOME TO 60 BPM1) Descending (8765) [...]

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3 Tips For Improving Guitar Posture

If you are having trouble reaching notes (especially on the low string) it's not because your fingers are too small! It's probably because you're not holding the guitar properly. Other problems include wrist and back pain as well as a general lag when changing chord shapes. Most of us don't think of joint [...]

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Strange Hammer-On Exercise (For Beginners)

Hey everyone! Last week I received a question from Donald, who's having trouble trying to get ANY kind of sound from his hammer-ons! I decided to share this simple trick that I developed while teaching a few years ago. It's been my go-to exercise for people who are having trouble with hammer-ons and today [...]

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