Learn how to play “Tambourine Man” by Bob Dylan

Hey everyone! This week we’re going to show you how to play “Tambourine Man” by Bob Dylan (every time I write that, I want to put “Hey Mister” in front of it). Anyway, this one’s super duper simple – just 3 chords, D, G and A so it’s great especially if you’re just starting out.

We cover some basic tips on switching between D and G (using a guide finger) and, as usual, there are some simple play-along’s that you can practice along to once you’re comfortable with the chord shapes.

The strumming pattern is pretty straight-forward too. And if you find that it’s a bit too difficult to perform the “root-strum” you’re totally allowed to do a down-stroke instead of the root-strum and it’ll sound fine, so no worries!

Tambourine Man Chords:

d chord guitar g chord guitar a chord guitar

Tambourine Man Strumming Pattern:

strumming pattern for tambourine man by bob dylan

Tambourine Man Strumming Pattern 2:

the most common strumming pattern with a twist

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