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In this easy guitar tutorial, I show you how to play “The A Team” by Ed Sheeran. I’m doing it with a strumming pattern (on the original recording there’s 2 guitars, one of them is strumming and the other is fingerpicking). If you watch the “Live Room” version of this song, he’s just strumming, and that’s where I transcribed most of this lesson from.

If you need any help with the basics (chords, switching, strumming, etc.) please check out our eBook, covering all the basics of rhythm guitar. It’s free for subscribers and you can find it here: https://goodguitarist.com/learn-rhythm-guitar/

The song begins with a verse, and to play it we need 4 chords: G, D/F#, Em, C. We practice playing them, in order, using downstrokes only, before moving on and learning the strumming pattern.

The strumming part is a bit longer in this tutorial because I wanted to make sure we could go over all the finer details. Ed likes to use his fingers and is a very percussive strummer, so aside from learning the strumming pattern (Root, Down, Up-Down-Up) we also take a look at HOW he plays it. We talk about palm muting vs leaving the strings open, and how he uses his first finger like a pick.

After that, we put the strumming pattern together with the chords and play through the verse. We then repeat this process for the rest of the song (pre-chorus, chorus and bridge) making sure to cover all the details (parts where the strumming pattern changes, easier ways to switch through the chords, etc).

I’m quite happy with how this lesson turned out and I feel it’s very informative and might help those of you who wish to take their playing to the next level and not simply strum through chords, but actually sound like a “good guitarist.”


The A-Team Chords:

g chord guitare minor chord guitar emc chord guitar  

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