Learn How To Play “This Town” exactly like the recording by Niall Horan.

First, we start out with the chords. After, we go over some tips on how to switch between the chords and then show you a strumming pattern that uses the thumb and index finger to do something halfway between strumming and fingerpicking (just like he does on the recording). Finally, we take you through each section of the song – the verse, pre-chorus, chorus and bridge – and go over any trouble-spots (like the simple bassline riff he plays during the bridge which involves “rolling” your strumming fingers over the strings.

“This Town” Chords:

g chord guitarthis 90s style version of em is found in oasis and green day songs among others cadd9 chord, used in many pop songs like closer, this town, time of your life, good riddance, wonderwalla minor chord guitar am dsus4 is a simple chord that goes well with g, cadd9, em7 and others that use 2 fingers on the top 2 strings

“This Town” Strumming Pattern (sorta):

the fingerpicking strumming pattern from this town by niall horan

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