Valerie – Amy Winehouse / Mark Ronson

Hey everyone! In this lesson we’re gonna show you how to play “Valerie” originally written by The Zutons and also recorded by Amy Winehouse/Mark Ronson. This easy version of the tune requires a capo at the 3rd fret. Stay tuned next week to learn the “no capo” version of this song (which is quite a bit trickier, but sounds a lot more like the original recording).

Throughout the video I mention our free eBook, covering all the basics of rhythm guitar. You can find it here –

We start off by showing you the chords for the verse: Cmaj7, Dmin7. It’s just 2 chords, and Cmaj7 is actually one of the easiest chords on guitar, requiring only 2 fingers. We practice switching between the two before we integrate them with a strumming pattern.

Now the strumming pattern is probably the most difficult part of this, but we go over it slowly, in great depth, and with a bit of careful attention to the counting you should be able to get it down. If it’s still too much, we show you an alternate strumming pattern that is much easier (which you can find in our eBook.. it’s “essential strumming pattern #3” in case you need a refresher on that one).

We move on to the pre-chorus, which requires 3 more chords: Fmaj7, Em, G. These are all pretty basic chords and are easy enough to play. We practice switching and then play them with the strumming pattern.

After that is the chorus which – guess what – is EXACTLY the same as the verse. So that’s the whole song! Just 2 parts (as far as the guitar is concerned).

Maybe this lesson will be too easy, maybe it’ll be just right… maybe it’s a huge challenge for you. I want to know where you’re at with your playing, so let me know what’s going on in your guitar-life in the comments section below!


Valerie Chords:

  e minor chord guitar emg chord guitar