Hey everyone! This week we have a classic for you: “Viva Las Vegas” by Elvis Presley (written by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman).

It’s a pretty simple tune for the most part, but it’s REALLY fast. The chords are simple, just G, C, D, A, Em. We practice switching through them and then show you a basic strumming pattern.

The strumming pattern itself is also quite simple, just hit a root note and then play an upstroke. We go over all of that with you, showing you which bass notes to hit as you strum the chords, and then we put it all together and play through the tune. Be sure to stay tuned til the end because we also show you how Elvis “tags” the tune (ends the song in a cool way.

Like I said before, the hardest part of this song is going to be keeping up with the tempo, so PLEASE practice it slowly (along with the playalongs in the video) and don’t speed it up until you’re comfortable… tension is the enemy of a good performance and if you try to force the speed to soon you’ll end up stressed out and it’ll affect your sound a LOT.

See you next week!

Viva Las Vegas Chords:

c chord guitar d chord guitar g chord guitar a chord guitar e minor chord guitar em


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