In My Life Guitar Tutorial – The Beatles

The Beatles


    In My Life Guitar Tutorial – The Beatles

    Welcome to my “In My Life” easy guitar lesson + tutorial by The Beatles. This is possibly one of the greatest songs ever recorded, and this lesson tries to capture everything that makes it great, while making it as easy as possible to learn.

    Throughout the video we demonstrate the chords, strumming and the lead guitar part that they play at the beginning as well as at various times throughout the tune.

    As far as the chords go, it’s a mixed bag. There’s the A, E, D, Dm, G chords, which are all pretty simple (we go over them extensively in our rhythm guitar eBook). There’s also F#m, B and A/G which are barre chords and you might have to work them out a bit to get the changes perfect and clean.

    In My Life Chords: A | E | D | Dm | G | F#m | B | A/G

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