Learn How To Play “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac

In this lesson we show you how to play Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. Just as I was about to release this video for you guys yesterday, a storm hit and my power went out. I guess it’s true, “thunder only happens when it’s raining.” Anyway, this is actually a two chord song the whole way through so we’re gonna show you two ways to play it.

First, we show you how to strum along as they do on the recording. This involves a barre chord shape (F barre chord and G) and a strumming pattern with muted strokes.

Then we show you a simple way to play it using the C and D open chords. The strumming pattern is pretty easy, too, so putting this all together shouldn’t be that hard.

See ya next time!

Dreams Chords:

f chord guitarg barre chord diagram  OR c chord guitar d chord guitar

Dreams Strumming Pattern:

dreams fleetwood mac strumming pattern

Easier Pattern:

an easy strumming pattern you can use to play dreams by fleetwood mac

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