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FACT. You can learn guitar by yourself.
FACT. If learning by yourself hasn’t worked for you, or you don’t know where to start, I can help you achieve your guitar playing dreams.

There are two reasons – and only two reasons – people struggle to learn guitar:

  1. You try too much, too soon.
  2. You aren’t having fun

The Two Mistakes People Make While Learning Guitar

  1. Guitar is cool! The first mistake people make is learning their favorite songs in the wrong order, without learning how to practice. Progress is slow, they struggle and think “…guess I’m not a natural,” and play less-and-less until they quit. That’s BS! If you learn the right things – in the right order – you will get further faster than you thought possible.
  2. Practice doesn’t feel like practice when you’re having fun. The second mistake people make is trying to learn a bunch of theory and techniques before they play cool songs. My students play the coolest songs, as quickly as possible. Every step is fun. Right from the first minute of the Beginner’s Course where I teach you how to hold a guitar and a pick.

See what I mean? Take my FREE Crash Course and learn to play two cool songs in two weeks.

GoodGuitarist's 100% Free 14 Day Guitar Crash Course

The Two Things You Get From Every One of My Courses

  1. You play cool songs.
  2. You learn the right things, in the right order.

You can get all the information in my courses elsewhere. But I’ve spent two decades of my life learning guitar, teaching guitar, and listening to student feedback. It’s not an exaggeration to say that my purpose in life is to lay out every step of learning guitar in the fastest, most fun way. I’ve created the best path.

My courses show you every step so you can learn guitar at your own pace.

I’ve saved my 10,000+ students thousands of hours of time, a ton of frustration and have helped them reach their goals. Many times after they’ve previously given up their dreams of playing guitar. Out of frustration. Or because they thought they didn’t have the time. When, really they just weren’t having fun.

3 Examples Of The Many Ways My Courses Are Different

  1. I teach a different first chord than most instructors. Why? Usually people start with “E minor” but it’s tough to get the shape to ring clearly PLUS it’s not used in a ton of beginner-level songs. I teach a useful “2 chord combo” that’ll immediately unlock a ton of songs (that I’ll show you how to play).
  2. I focus on unlocking the talent that is hidden inside you. For example, so many instructors teach “downstrokes and upstrokes” and write “D U Ddu duud” (which is probably the most backwards way to do it). I teach you how to feel rhythm, and understand the underlying concept behind it all, so that you can easily “get” the strumming to any song.
  3. Even my “intermediate” courses are broken down and simple enough that even a beginner, who only knows a handful of chords, can follow along – why wait to learn fingerstyle? Or lead guitar?

My Courses

If you don’t know how to play Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen, and Songbird by Oasis, I recommend you take my FREE Crash Course. You’ll learn both songs in two weeks. You’ll also get to know me, my style, my methodology and see how much you enjoy learning guitar with me.

If you want to get better at guitar, save time, save money and learn to play songs that you’ll be proud to play for friends, family and even in front of audiences, join the over 10,000 students who have taken my courses.

“What’s the difference between your YouTube lessons and your courses?”

The answer is simple: organization.

YouTube is great, but it’s full of distractions. The algorithm wants you to keep watching (ads) and you end up jumping from lesson to lesson – learning a chord, and then a scale, and this or that – it’s all jumbled up.

To learn guitar properly, you need a path, where each lesson builds on the last one. My premium courses are complete step-by-step paths that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

If you’re not sure what to expect, you can see what some of my current students have to say.

If you’re ready to get started, find the course that’s right for you…

online guitar course for beginners

Designed for people who are just getting started, or who have tried to learn guitar but for whatever reason it just never “clicked.” I’ve included EVERYTHING you need to get started, stay motivated, and play songs comfortably and confidently!

Get ALL my Intermediate Acoustic courses for 42% off the listed price. Contains: Strumming Made Simple, Fingerstyle, Barre Chords Made Easy, Music Theory 101

Strumming Made Simple focuses on what really counts… rhythm! Learn to hear and feel rhythms and make strumming second nature.

Good Guitarist

We begin with the fundamentals of fingerstyle. From this solid foundation, we build our fingerpicking skills! You’ll learn essential techniques and styles like travis picking, adding embellishments, reading TAB and more!

Discover the method that can get ANYONE playing barre chords comfortably. We start with the simplest movable shape (literally the first shape I ever learned on guitar) and evolve it into a barre chord. This method focuses on technique over strength.

In the real world – for everything from learning songs for your own enjoyment, jamming with other musicians, writing songs – people use theory to accomplish actual goals and make music EASIER.

lead guitar improvisation course

Make your practice count, develop your musical abilities and the know-how and confidence to “speak the language” of music – and find the deepest joy in playing this wonderful instrument.

best online guitar lessons

Get instant access to all of James’ courses. Save $175 with this incredible offer!

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Did you get your copy of my FREE eBook?