The Best Online Guitar Lessons At Your Fingertips

Hi there!

My name is James and since 2014 I’ve been making free guitar tutorials on my YouTube channel GoodGuitarist. My goal is give everyone the music education they deserve through this wonderful instrument by providing the best online guitar lessons!


I notice many online guitar lessons move too fast, or take certain things for granted. That’s why I make the easiest lessons, with the simplest explanations. I want to make guitar… make sense!

Through these carefully crafted visuals, and step-by-step tutorials, I want to prove to you that you are more talented than you think!

If you’re an absolute beginner…

I have set up an entire page, dedicated to helping you get started on guitar! Check it out here!

Otherwise, feel free to explore these various topics, covering a wide range of things you can learn on guitar:

Things Every Beginner Should Be Familiar With…

Once You’re Comfortable With Chords And Strumming…

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Did you get your copy of my FREE eBook?

Did you get your copy of my FREE eBook?