Changing Chords: Switch Chords FASTER With These Transition Exercises!

Before you practice changing chords and learn to switch chords faster with these video tutorials, I want to make sure you are starting on the right foot.

My absolute beginner page outlines a method for learning just 2 chords at a time, ensuring you work on the bigger picture and avoid getting lost in the basics.

Once you’ve done that, and have a plan for moving forward, you can find chord switching exercises here, listed by shape:

Chord Switching Practice Tutorials

Chord Transitions Using G

Practice the transitions necessary to play songs like: Tennessee Whiskey, Brown Eyed Girl, Viva La Vida, Perfect, What I Got, Lively Up Yourself, Stand by Me and more!

Chord Transitions Using C

Practice the transitions necessary to play songs like: Dreams, Feelin’ Alright, Stay With Me, What’s Up, Shake It Off, and more!

Chord Transitions Using D

Practice the transitions necessary to play songs like: Bad Moon Rising, The Gambler, Mr Tambourine Man, Three Little Birds and more!

Chord Transitions Using A

Practice the transitions necessary to play songs like: Born In The USA, Achy Breaky Heart, State of Grace, One Love, I Walk The Line, You Are My Sunshine and more!

Chord Transitions Using E

Practice the transitions necessary to play songs like: Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain, Man of Constant Sorrow, Folsom Prison Blues, Jailhouse Rock and more!

Minor Chord Transitions

Out of the 8 basic chord shapes on guitar, 5 of them are major and 3 of them are minor. The minor ones are Em, Am, and Dm. They are the most common minor chords found in music.

If you need help with the mechanics of switching, I have some chord switching exercise tutorials you should check out:

3 Exercises To Fix Your Chord Switching Problems FAST

Making faster chord changes on guitar is really important as it will allow you to focus on other things, like steady strumming, singing, dynamics and more…

This One Exercise Will Fix ALL Your Chord Switching Troubles!

I realized that when I was switching from G to D I was really only getting better at switching from G to D. I wasn’t getting better at the D chord in general. This exercises helps fix that.

Want to have some fun? Break away from the basic shapes and practice some unique chord transitions with this easy and beautiful progression:

6 BEAUTIFUL 2-Finger Guitar Chords for Beginners

I want to show you some of my favorite, most beautiful chords and voicings on guitar. Oh, and before I forget… they happen to be THE EASIEST to play! Each of these colorful shapes uses JUST 2 FINGERS!

Once you are comfortable with a few shapes, try these.. the most popular chord progressions on guitar, and learn tons of songs right away!

4 MOST COMMON Chord Progressions You NEED to Know!

These are the 4 most common chord progressions that you can use to play by ear, write songs, play in any key and more. I’ll also show you the Nashville Number System in an easy way.

An Easy Blues In G – I Can’t Quit You Baby

This is an easy acoustic 12 bar blues and a great chance to learn some easy seventh chords and start your journey jamming the blues.

Develop the fundamental skills needed to play guitar with confidence. Hands-on learning, presented in a clear and concise manner. Learn the basics using real songs, strum with a steady rhythm, master the basic chord shapes, learn to count along to music and more!

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