3 Exercises Will FIX Your Chord Changes on Guitar!

Chord Changes Guitar Exercise

Making faster chord changes on guitar is really important as it will allow you to focus on other things, like steady strumming, singing, dynamics and more…

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To help you (and everyone else struggling to get past this “roadblock”) I have three exercises that I use with my students. These exercises will build up two important skills:

The first is memorizing your chord shapes. Everyone THINKS they have them memorized but I’m going to show you a little test that might have you thinking again! You might be able to make the shape but have you really memorized it?! That’s what we’ll find out! (and I have an exercise that will FIX this instantly!)

The next skill is being able to switch between any two particular chords. Usually people think you just have to be able to switch from any chord to any other chord right away, but it’s actually a bit more of a methodical, slower process. You need to LEARN to switch from E to A from G to A from D to A…

So if you have an issue with chord switching, hopefully this’ll fix you right up!

‘Til next time!

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