Hear what my guitar students have to say…

“My guitar playing has improved immensely in such a short time”

My name is Rob Malone I am 60 years old and have wanted to play the guitar since my teenage years. The reason I wanted to play the guitar was mainly because I am in to writing songs and wanted to play an instrument that I can easily take with me and incorporate with my song writing. The guitar always was portrayed as the cool instrument rocking hard and softly serenading the girls. Through years passing I had continued dalliances with the guitar but either got so frustrated or bored they didn’t last long. It was not until I was in my mid Forty’s I started teaching myself with books and took it seriously. I managed to learn a few chords and could put a few tunes to my songs which was very satisfying, however I knew I could improve a lot more, so I cruised the YouTube tuition videos to help me.

I must have gone through dozens of videos but none of them had all the ingredients I was looking for. They either were more about their own egos, or their tuition was so complex I completely got lost until I came across GoodGuitarist.

Apart from the clear simplistic and enjoyable teaching there was so much more than just a video with a guy teaching you to play the guitar. The easy step by step approach, articulate and encouraging manner James tutors you not to mention all the free information supplied when you subscribe, he covers every little detail with warmth and enjoyable lessons which includes playing songs almost right from the start.

I was so impressed I bought the strumming course which has meticulously been put together and, in a word, is Brilliant. Sufficed to say with the help from James and his course my guitar playing has improved immensely in such a short time.

Unfortunately, 3 years ago I was diagnosed with a condition which has changed my life dramatically and forced me to retire from work because of ill health and being able to play the guitar has been a great comfort and lifeline to me. I’ve only just begun my journey playing the guitar and I am full of enthusiasm to learn more.
I just want to end with – if you want to learn the guitar see for yourself and go on you tube and search GoodGuitarist.

Thank you, James!

Rob Malone

[I was] always stuck on being a campfire guitarist, playing the same songs over and over

I had kind of lost interest in playing the guitar, always stuck on being a campfire guitarist, playing the same songs over and over…..until I lost the top of my middle finger on my chord hand 3 years ago in a lawnmower accident. It was when I realized that I might not be able to play again that I realized how much I loved playing. I found a company in Las Vegas who made finger extensions and protectors for injuries such as mine and I haven’t looked back since. Thanks to your channel I now play every day always trying to learn something new so thank you again, I really appreciate it.

– Stephen McCloskey

“I look forward to my evening practice sessions now”

I’m 50 years old and have wanted to play guitar since I was about 12. For many years a guitar simply sat in my closet. Figuring out how to start seemed confusing and intimidating. Then I found this course. James is amazing. He is incredibly patient and thorough while simultaneously keeping it interesting and fun. I look forward to my evening practice sessions now, thanks very much to James! If you’ve ever wanted to play guitar but didn’t know where to turn, James and this course are for you!

– George Linge

I’m certain that each of the lessons that James prepares is very well thought out. In fact, his entire course represents a lot of preparation. But I think that if you follow the course and you do all of the exercises in the lessons, there’s no way that you can fail.

Hal Rogers

“I love the fact that James is clear, goes slowly, is patient. It’s helped me immensely, to turn me from someone who doesn’t even know how to hold a guitar, to someone who can play.”

Steve Weitzen

I really appreciated James style and the way he connects with you right where you are. He talks in a way that you can hear it. You can you can listen to it, you can receive it. And it makes you want to push into it and do your lesson and actually follow along. So I would encourage anybody that’s thinking about it to give his lessons a try.

– Scott Newcomer

Like most of us recreational guitarists, I felt, with a few chords I had already reached my plateau and became frustrated. However your video tutorials have changed my entire approach and has made me want to pick up the guitar again with the same love and passion I first had when starting to learn how to play. In my humble opinion, you are by far the best online instructor and there are many but your videos touch me and make me want to get better.

– Ian Monck

I enjoyed the course a great deal. Your explanations are clear and the “chunks” of each lesson are appropriately sized for a beginner.

It took me a while to finish as I was doing this in spare time, but you have things structured to allow a quick review to get back on track after a pause in lessons.

I have learned a couple songs along the way, I Walk the Line, Sweet Home Alabama, Bad Moon Rising, and parts of Knockin on Heaven’s Door and Sweet Caroline.

You instruction is well worth the cost.


– Terry Keefer

The courses were very well written and very well paced. I found it’s very helpful for someone like me who doesn’t take in-person classes.

– Angelica Roberts