Hear what my guitar students have to say…

“I love the fact that James is clear, goes slowly, is patient. It’s helped me immensely, to turn me from someone who doesn’t even know how to hold a guitar, to someone who can play.”

Steve Weitzen

I’m certain that each of the lessons that James prepares is very well thought out. In fact, his entire course represents a lot of preparation. But I think that if you follow the course and you do all of the exercises in the lessons, there’s no way that you can fail.

Hal Rogers

I really appreciated James style and the way he connects with you right where you are. He talks in a way that you can hear it. You can you can listen to it, you can receive it. And it makes you want to push into it and do your lesson and actually follow along. So I would encourage anybody that’s thinking about it to give his lessons a try.

– Scott Newcomer

The courses were very well written and very well paced. I found it’s very helpful for someone like me who doesn’t take in-person classes.

– Angelica Roberts