Guitar Warm Up Exercises For Beginners

guitar warm up for beginners
Guitar Finger Exercise For Faster Fingers

Sometimes, when students jump right in and try to learn chords and learn songs right away, it doesn’t work out. They’ll have chord switching problems for months!

This happens because they’re not building up their finger strength in any real way. They’re just making the same switches the same way without the proper technique and without building up their dexterity and strength.

I don’t want that to happen to you!

…and that’s why I prepared some basic guitar warm ups to help you build strength and dexterity in your chord and strumming hands!

Guitar Finger Exercises

These finger exercises are simple, easy to remember, and are worth doing EVERY TIME you pick up your guitar. Ideally, you would tune your guitar, and then warm up every time you pick up your guitar.

Guitar Finger Exercise Builds Strength & Dexterity

It is a very simple guitar finger exercise, and if you go through it step-by-step, adding a little bit each time, you’ll get the best/fastest results.

Chord Switching Exercises NOT WORKING? Try This Instead!

Beginners usually start with chord switching exercises, you know, practicing switching from one chord to the next. But sometimes we need to dive a little bit deeper and develop our dexterity – the ability to put our fingers where we want them to go.

Get FASTER Fingers and Chords In 5 DAYS

This easy finger independence exercise takes 1 or 2 minutes to do, and if you do it daily you will see huge improvements in your finger speed and experience faster chord changes!

Chord Switching Warm up

One Exercise Will Fix ALL Your Chord Switching Troubles!

In this lesson, I have a very simple exercise for you that will fix your chord switching troubles. The goal is to learn how to switch chords accurately and this exercise will ensure you are able to do that.

Strumming Warm up

3 SIMPLE Exercises will FIX Your Strumming and RHYTHM

The concept is simple: You wave your arm down and up – You make contact with or avoid the strings.

That’s all there is to it!