How To Play Walk-Ups And Walk-Downs on Guitar

The Walking Bassline Challenge

I’ve made an entire series, consisting of 8 episodes, that breaks down the entire process. We start with the components: a strumming pattern, 3 easy chord shapes (A, D, E) and slowly learn everything and put it all together.

It focuses on rhythm, teaching you to count the beats, learn about dynamics, practice basslines on their own, and then eventually playing an entire walking bassline through our chord progression, connecting every chord shape.

If you have had trouble in the past with walking basslines, I really want you to try this free mini-series (no sign up or obligation required – it’s just a click away!) because I’m sure it will make the difference.

Walk Ups and Walk Downs By Key

If you’d like to learn more walking basslines, I have these 2 lessons that teach 3 classic country/blues/folk/jazz walking basslines in various keys, using many of the basic chord shapes. I have plans to make many more of these so keep checking back!

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Did you get your copy of my FREE eBook?

Did you get your copy of my FREE eBook?