“Boom Chuck” Country Chords & Strumming On A Simple 3 Chord Progression

Walking Bassline Challenge Episode 5 (of 8)

OUR GOAL: To learn how to add walk-ups and walk-downs to our chords and strumming which will give us access to a must-know country and folk idioms – and this is no small feat!

In order to accomplish that we will have to break it down into the tiniest bits, isolating each technique or skill, and gradually put it back together.

Worksheet, covering walkups and walkdowns from all 8 episodes of the Walking Bassline Challenge, can be found on my Patreon page.

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Today, we’re just gonna take what we did last time, and glue it together.

We’ll start by practicing it in pairs, just like we did in lesson number three. It’s the exact same thing except now we’re doing the roots and the “alts” (alternate bass notes).

We start off, going from A to D. Then, from A to E. We do it with both a simplified pattern and with our actual pattern. And that’s it!

You’ll find all 8 episodes of the Walking Bassline Challenge on this page, here!

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