Easiest Walk-Ups and Walk-Downs On Guitar Using 3 Simple Chords

Walking Bassline Challenge Episode 6 (of 8)

In order to accomplish that we will have to break it down into the tiniest bits, isolating each technique or skill, and gradually put it back together.

Today we’re finally going to start walking!

It takes just two notes to go from one chord to the next, so that’s actually the easy part. The tough part? Landing the next chord shape.

There are 4 switches total, so we need to have 4 little “walks”:

  • from A to D
  • from D back down to A
  • from A to E
  • from E to A

We’re not going to worry too much about our progression or strumming, we’re just focusing on walking today. Practice up and I’ll see you soon!

You’ll find all 8 episodes of the Walking Bassline Challenge on this page, here!

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Did you get your copy of my FREE eBook?