“Boom Chuck” Country Chords And Strumming On A, D, and E Chords

Walking Bassline Challenge Episode 4 (of 8)

In order to accomplish that we will have to break it down into the tiniest bits, isolating each technique or skill, and gradually put it back together.

Now that we’ve laid out the ground work and can play our “root” strum over through our progression (A D A E) we’re ready to take the plunge into “alternating bass” strumming!

In this lesson, we begin by identifying the “root” and “alt” on the A chord. Next, we add a bit of simple strumming and focus JUST on the A chord, playing the roots and alts over and over, with some simple strumming. We already worked on our accuracy a bit in the previous lesson, and we can further exercise that here.

Next, we apply the same concept to the D and E chords, first isolating the roots and alts, then adding a bit of strumming.

All I need from you for this week, is to work on each of those 3 shapes separately, making sure you’ve memorized the root and alt for each, as well as practicing them each with a little bit of strumming. Like always, I show you exactly what to practice, so there’s no guesswork, just… work ?

You’ll find all 8 episodes of the Walking Bassline Challenge on this page, here!

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Did you get your copy of my FREE eBook?