Add WALK-DOWNS and WALK-UPS to EASY Chords & Strumming

Learn How To Add WALK-DOWNS and WALK-UPS to Chords & Strumming!

In this walking bassline guitar tutorial, I want to show you how to add walk-ups and walk-downs to some simple chord progressions in the key of C.

I will show you 3 easy walking bass lines on guitar using 3 easy cowboy chords: C, F and G. Guitar walk-ups and walk-downs, explained! TABs are included in the video but I also have…

Walk-ups And Walk-Downs Printable Worksheet PDF available on my Patreon page!

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  • 1:49 – What Is A Walking Bassline?
  • 2:16 – Walking Bassline Theory
  • 2:45 – Walking Bassline Chords & Strumming
  • 4:16 – 1) Country Walking Bassline
  • 10:51 – 2) Blues Walking Bassline
  • 16:12 – Walking Bassline 3

The lesson begins by answering a couple of very simple questions. We need to figure out what a walking baseline is in the first place! Then we need to figure out a little bit of the theory behind the walking bass line because we are using it to go from chord to chord and we need to understand the concept of how the bass line travels between the roots of the chords. There’s more to it than that, but we want to keep it really simple so we focus on the very fundamentals of walk ups and walk downs. After that, we work on a simple chord progression that we’re going to be applying all of these walkups and walk downs to and then we’re finally ready to start learning them!

We break each one down line by line, we practice them systematically, in a way that makes it easy for you to understand, and when you’re ready, we can put it all together. This lesson not only shows you HOW to play the walkups and walkouts, but it also shows you HOW TO PRACTICE them effectively, so you can actually play them! I want you to be able to play this stuff comfortably and that’s what this lesson was designed to do.

Before we can play rhythms, we need to be able to hear and feel them. This course will help you build your rhythm from the ground up. Learn to strum and sing at the same time, be able to create your own patterns for any song, and to feel the beat/groove like a “natural.”

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Songs that use walk-ups and walk-downs (walking basslines):