Absolute Beginner on Guitar? Your FIRST Guitar Lesson!

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How To Learn Guitar Through Learning Songs

Don’t bore yourself by trying to memorize the basic shapes all at once! The best way to actually learn them (not just memorize them) is to practice them in context – that means learning easy songs with as few switches as possible!

Two-Chord Songs

During your first guitar lesson, you CAN learn a complete song! I have a few listed below… they only require 2 easy shapes and some basic counting/rhythm! But first…

One of the biggest mistakes I see in newer players, is focusing too much on getting “perfect” chord shapes. With a 2-chord song, there’s only ONE POSSIBLE SWITCH you need to make. This lets you focus on other things, like keeping a steady beat when strumming.

  • 2 Chord Song = 1 Possible Switch
  • 3 Chord Song = 3 Possible Switches
  • 4 Chord Song = 6 Possible Switches!

When you look at it that way, it’s obvious why we’d want to stick to a couple chords to start!

Some Easy 2-Chord Songs on Guitar:

• Songbird (Oasis) G Em
• Born In The U.S.A. (Bruce Springsteen) A E
• Achy Breaky Heart (Billy Ray Cyrus) A E
• What I Got (Sublime) G D
• Lively Up Yourself (Bob Marley) G D
• Jambalaya (Hank Williams) G C
• Everyday People (Sly and The Family Stone) G C
• Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles) Em C
• Tennessee Whiskey (Chris Stapleton) G Am

Here’s a list of tutorials for more 2-chord songs on guitar!

Once You’ve Decided On A Song…

You’ll need to start developing two basic skills. I like to separate them by which hand is performing each skill:

1 – CHORD SWITCHING (non-dominant hand)

We use our non-dominant hand (if you’re right-handed, that means we use our left hand) to play chords. And pressing the shape down is just the start. The real skill that you need to master is the actual TRANSITION from one chord to the next.

I have a variety of ways to practice this essential skill, and go over it extensively in my free crash course, my premium beginner’s course and tons of YouTube tutorials.

2 – STRUMMING (dominant hand)

Strumming is performed by your dominant hand (if you’re right handed, that means your right hand). It is the most important skill in music – period! 99% of new students put a lot of emphasis on their chord shapes, but without steady rhythm, it doesn’t matter how good your chords are.

I focus HEAVILY on building rhythm in literally every lesson I make – because I know that’s what will make the difference in your playing and make you sound like a good guitarist!

To help you, I have a full page dedicated to each of these skills. You can find them here:

Long-story Short, Here’s What You Need To Do To Get Started…

  1. Pick a two chord song
  2. Practice each chord by itself
  3. Practice switching between JUST those 2 chords
  4. Add the strumming pattern
  5. Play the song

Of course, there will be little hiccups along the way, but that’s what I’m here for (and why I made a bunch of free tutorials, and premium courses to make this process as easy and smooth as possible).

Some Tips For Speeding Up The Process

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Did you get your copy of my FREE eBook?

Did you get your copy of my FREE eBook?