Easy Guitar Chords For Beginners

This page contains a listing of the easiest chords on guitar. These basic guitar chords will allow you to play hundreds of thousands of songs (no joke!)

Before you dive in, I have one huge piece of advice:


If you do that, it’ll get boring fast, and it’ll be really hard to feel motivated to practice guitar enough to get to the point where you can play songs.

Just Getting Started on Guitar?

Please take a look at this page, which will show you how to learn guitar chords and easy guitar songs at the same time.

It outlines a process where you start by picking an easy 2 chord song you want to learn, and then focusing on JUST those two chords, working out the switching, developing the muscle memory and so on. It’s the best way to start guitar and will help you stay motivated.

Want To Play Popular Songs Right Away?

If you want a quick way to be able to play thousands of different songs right away, there’s a little chord progression trick that I’d like to share with you. It uses modified “beginner friendly” versions of 4 common shapes, and with them we can play the most popular chord progression used in all music.

Easiest 4-Chord Combo on Guitar

Learn songs on guitar RIGHT AWAY with the 4 easiest absolute beginner guitar chords that I teach my beginner guitar students on their first lesson.

These Are The 8 Basic Guitar Chords

The 8 Basic Chord Shapes

The first 8 chords are THE shapes. The entire fretboard is based on them, so even if your goal is to play rippin’ guitar solos, these shapes will keep coming up as everything from scales, to modes to arpeggios are based on these shapes.

I have set up a reference guide for each of these shapes, including a video tutorial, songs you can play and more…

Here’s a cool way to play them all, in a certain order where they lead into one another nicely.

8 Chords Everyone Starts Guitar With

These beginner chords for acoustic guitar are essential no matter your goals. Every guitar player should know these regardless of their end goals.

Make Sure Your Chord Shapes Sound GOOD!

4 Tips to ELIMINATE Fret Buzz

Whenever I have a student who’s having issues with chord shapes, I take them through this simple checklist and the problem is always resolved.

Here are two more shapes that are worth learning early on:

Here Are Some EASY Barre Chord Alternatives

Once you’ve mastered the basic guitar chords, I recommend learning these additional shapes. These may seem a little complicated, but they’re still considered guitar chords for beginners. By learning them, you’ll increase the number of songs you can play EXPONENTIALLY!

How To Read A Guitar Chord Diagram

No matter what the shape, whether it’s one of the beginner guitar chords, a barre chord, or the Jazziest Minor 13th, they can all be written out in a simple way. Everyone who plays guitar NEEDS to know how to read a chord diagram.

How To Read A Chord Diagram

A chord diagram is just a picture of the fretboard with the guitar standing upright. They are easy to read and can instantly show the guitarist how to play any chord with the correct fingering.

Develop the fundamental skills needed to play guitar with confidence. Hands-on learning, presented in a clear and concise manner. Learn the basics using real songs, strum with a steady rhythm, master the basic chord shapes, learn to count along to music and more!

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