Just Getting Started on Guitar? Guitar Basics You Must Know!

It doesn’t take much to get started. All you really need is a guitar, fingers, and a desire to learn! But beyond that, there is some essential knowledge, and essential tools, that will make the journey much easier.

I want to help you with choosing the right acoustic guitar for you, tuning, learning the names of the strings, holding the guitar properly, and even learning about a couple of tools so you can get started on the right foot.

Buying Your First Acoustic Guitar? 5 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW!

This beginner’s guide will show you what to look for AND how to test out acoustic guitars properly. So, if you’re wondering, “which acoustic guitar should I buy?” here are 5 things you must consider.

Do You Know The Guitar String Names? You Should!

I know this is probably one of the first things most of you learned but if you haven’t done so yet I highly recommend being able to know the names and numbers for each of the strings instantly!

How To Tune A Guitar With A Tuner

A clip-on electronic tuner senses the vibration in the wood and can tell how close each note is to being in tune. These work whether you’re tuning an acoustic or electric guitar, and they aren’t affected by outside noise.

Guitar Not Staying In Tune? Some Tips For Better Tuning!

In this video I explain a process for tuning guitars that are BADLY out of tune, and why this happens.

How To Hold A Guitar PROPERLY!

If you are having trouble reaching notes (especially on the low string) it’s not because your fingers are too small! It’s probably because you must learn how to hold the guitar properly.

Do I Have To Cut My Nails To Play Guitar?

One time, I had a new student come in, and I forgot to mention that they should cut their nails. Needless to say, our first lesson wasn’t very productive until we took care of this simple issue.

Learn How To Read Guitar Chord Diagrams

A chord diagram is just a picture of the fretboard with the guitar standing upright. The vertical lines represent the strings and the horizontal lines represent the frets. 

Learn How To Read Guitar TAB in 5 Minutes

TAB is the simplest way to read and write the notes on the fretboard. The thickest string is represented by the bottom line, and the thinnest by the top like. It looks the same as when you put the guitar on your lap and look down at the fretboard.

Do You Need A Capo For Guitar?

A capo provides you with a reliable way to shift keys easily and quickly, and allows you to play some things that are otherwise impossible without one.

Make Your Own Capo For Guitar (DIY Capo)

I thought I’d show you how to make a capo with stuff you can find around your home, just in case you’re not a hundred percent sure that you need one yet.

Capo Review – “Shubb” Brand Capo

This was one of the first accessories I bought for guitar (when I realized you needed one to play the intro to Hotel California) and I’ve had the same one since 2004. As a result, I have some favorable things to say about it.

Develop the fundamental skills needed to play guitar with confidence. Hands-on learning, presented in a clear and concise manner. Learn the basics using real songs, strum with a steady rhythm, master the basic chord shapes, learn to count along to music and more!

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