The Best Electric Guitar Lessons For Beginners & Beyond!

Learn Electric Guitar
Learn Electric Guitar

These electric guitar lessons are full of simple ways to get started playing lead guitar. If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, and you want to learn lead guitar the right way, developing a solid foundation…

Learn all the fundamentals of lead guitar – free lead guitar eBook contains TAB, exercises & more! Power chords, minor pentatonic, reading TAB, hammer-ons/pull-offs and everything else it takes to get started on electric guitar!

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How To Read Guitar TABs

Before Getting into the fun stuff, there is one absolute fundamental that will make this entire process easier. Guitar TAB (tablature) is a simple way of writing down the notes that anyone can learn to read in like 5 minutes (no kidding!)

Learn How To Read Guitar TAB in 5 Minutes

TAB is the simplest way to read and write the notes on the fretboard. The thickest string is represented by the bottom line, and the thinnest by the top like. It looks the same as when you put the guitar on your lap and look down at the fretboard.

Practice Some Easy Electric Guitar Songs

Put your new TAB reading skills to use, and play these incredibly fun and famous rock and roll riffs!

5 Songs Using NO CHORDS (TAB)

Nirvana, White Stripes, Black Sabbath, The Beatles… Learn 5 easy songs without chords for beginners!

The Pentatonic Scale

Everything on electric guitar comes down to these 5 special notes we call the pentatonic scale. It’s the foundation for everything on guitar.

Learn The Pentatonic Scale THE RIGHT WAY

This pentatonic scale guitar lesson will help you EASILY learn it. We will cover the shape itself, how to play it in ANY key, and how to use it on minor AND major songs. This is how you learn and unlock the pentatonic scale on guitar!


One huge question arises when learning lead guitar… how to solo and make it sound good? This lesson discusses improvising guitar solos for complete beginners. I will teach you 5 steps to learn to solo without focusing on scales.

Blues Guitar

The blues is an INCREDIBLE vessel for learning lead guitar because you don’t have to worry about the chords themselves! Every blues song is practically the same chord progression. This lets you focus on learning to be a guitarist, and not just following the progression all the time.

How To Play The Blues | EASY Guitar Lesson for Beginners!

This tutorial covers how to play blues guitar in the key of A – an easy 3 chord song, easy recognizable blues riff, and a classic blues lick… Learn easy blues shuffle rhythm, the 1 4 5 formula, blues licks, a turnaround and more! 

Easy + Recognizable Blues Guitar Riff For Beginners

Learn how to play this super recognizable bluesy guitar riff for beginners! I will show you how to play this lick on a blues, using 3 easy cowboy chords: A, D and E. Then we go over how you could use this riff to play on the blues in any key.

Electric Guitar Techniques

For technique, hammer ons and pulloffs are essential. I am planning a TON of videos on this subject, but for now, check out this video to get you started on the hammer-on – the first embellishment you should learn on guitar:

Fix Your Hammer-on’s With This WEIRD Trick!

Whenever one of my students has trouble with their hammer-ons, I like to share this simple trick that I developed. It’s been my go-to exercise for people who are having trouble with hammer-ons and today I’m going to share it with you!

Improvising Guitar Solos For Complete Beginners

At the point where you are ready to take a solo, but it’s just not working out? Try these simple tips:

All The BEST Guitarists Do This One EASY Trick…

 I want to show you a guitar solo exercise that doesn’t require learning any notes, or rhythms, or scales or chords… it’s going to teach you how to “phrase” on guitar, so you can “say something” meaningful with your solos.

INSTANTLY IMPROVE Your Guitar Solos By Playing LESS

In this lesson, I want to talk about a huge problem suffered by thousands of guitar players: MUSICAL RANTING, and a guitar solo exercise that can cure it!

Jam Tracks for Guitar

Here are some fun jam tracks you can play along to, to practice everything that you’ve learned on this page:

Groovy Guitar Jam Track in A minor

This groovy backing track in A minor will give you an opportunity to practice the A minor pentatonic scale, blues scale, dorian and aeolian modes.

Blues Backing Track – Shuffle in A | Practice The Blues!

This blues shuffle backing track, similar to “Tore Down” by Freddie King (also recorded by Eric Clapton) will give you an opportunity to practice the A minor pentatonic scale, major pentatonic scale, blues scale, and mixolydian mode.

A proven method for learning guitar that gives you a clear path forward, guiding you through each step from beginner to confident lead guitarist. Make your practice count, develop your musical abilities and the know-how and confidence to “speak the language” of music – and find the deepest joy in playing this wonderful instrument.

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