Learn The Pentatonic Scale THE RIGHT WAY – 3 Things You Must Know!

Pentatonic Scale on Guitar

Worried that you’ve been practicing the pentatonic scale on guitar wrong?! This pentatonic scale guitar tutorial + lesson will help you EASILY learn it. We will cover the shape itself, how to play it in ANY key, and how to use it on minor AND major songs. This is how you learn and unlock the pentatonic scale on guitar!

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“How To Play The Pentatonic Scale” TABLE OF CONTENTS

0:00 – Guitar Solo/Demonstration
1:06 – Why Learn The Pentatonic Scale?
2:48 – The Pentatonic Scale Shape
4:37 – Easy Way To Memorize The Pentatonic Scale
7:56 – Playing The Pentatonic Scale In ANY Key
9:52 – Minor vs Major Pentatonic Scales
12:21 – Closing Words / Advice

The Pentatonic Scale is the most used and most useful thing on guitar! Not
only does it feel comfortable under your fingers but it’s also the foundation
for all the other minor scales on guitar AND it can also be used for major
scales too! This is possibly the most useful lead element on guitar – it’s
practically made for it.

A proven method for learning guitar that gives you a clear path forward, guiding you through each step from beginner to confident lead guitarist. Make your practice count, develop your musical abilities and the know-how and confidence to “speak the language” of music – and find the deepest joy in playing this wonderful instrument.

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