All The BEST Guitarists Do This One EASY Trick…

Guitar Solo Exercise

Beginner guitarists suffer a problem I like to call “musical ranting.” They know the scale, they know the key, but still have trouble playing melodically and “singing” with their guitar when improvising solos. I want to show you a guitar solo exercise that doesn’t require learning any notes, or rhythms, or scales or chords… it’s going to teach you how to “phrase” on guitar, so you can “say something” meaningful with your solos.

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0:00 – Guitar Solo Exercise Demonstration
0:53 – The Basic Concept
1:52 – Soloing Problem
3:12 – We’ll Use The Pentatonic Scale
3:43 – The WRONG Way To Solo
4:19 – 3 Steps To Fix Your Soloing
5:26 – It’s In The Blues!
6:37 – A Lick You Can Practice This With
10:03 – Demonstrating The Concept
11:09 – Farewell Message

This simple concept will instantly improve your ability to take solos and to improvise on guitar without actually learning any new scales! It’s really simple… You play a simple idea, then you repeat it, and then you do something to contrast it.

No matter what your level, whether you just noodle around with 3 notes or if you’ve learned a ton of scales, it’ll instantly improve your ability to actually say something on guitar!

A proven method for learning guitar that gives you a clear path forward, guiding you through each step from beginner to confident lead guitarist. Make your practice count, develop your musical abilities and the know-how and confidence to “speak the language” of music – and find the deepest joy in playing this wonderful instrument.

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