Make Your Own Fingerpicking Progressions With This Easy 2-Note Shape

Two note chord + simple fingerpicking = awesomely creative progressions!

The Creative Chord Shape

In this lesson I want to show you something I call the creative chord shape. I call it that because it does a lot of work for how easy it is – leaves a lot of room in your brain to be creative instead of stressing about the technique. It’s movable (that means you can make any major or minor chord, or at least the outline of that chord) and it’s also very easy to play and use all over the fretboard.

DIY Fingerpicking Progressions Worksheet PDF available on my Patreon page.

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We start off by showing you the shape itself: the 10th. It’s called that because it’s the first note and 10th note from the scale played together. We play it (pretty simple) and then we figure out how to turn it into a minor 10th by just moving one finger.

Then we practice moving it around the fretboard and turning it into a progression using three simple steps:

  1. Pick a couple roots, anywhere on the E string.
  2. Apply the major or minor 10th shape – it’s just a matter of adding one extra note to your shape
  3. Add some rhythm

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