Viva La Vida Guitar Tutorial (4-Chord Song on Guitar) Coldplay

Coldplay - Viva La Vida

Viva La Vida Guitar Tutorial

In this Viva La Vida guitar tutorial by Coldplay, we will show you everything you need to master the tune. This easy 4 chord song on guitar uses the most common chord progression ever AND it’s the same 4 chords over and over, so it’s a really easy song for beginners.

Viva La Vida Chords:

viva la vida chords - c
d chord guitar
g chord guitar
e minor chord guitar em

Viva La Vida Strumming Pattern:

viva la vida strumming pattern chord chart 1
viva la vida chord chart coldplay

The chords in question are: C, D, G and E minor.

Aside from the chords, there’s a strumming pattern and this is probably the trickiest part in this one. The strumming pattern itself isn’t too hard, but we need to split it over 2 chords (switch chords halfway through the pattern). We work out the timing, counting it out and making sure you get the strokes right. SO many people (and teachers!) overlook this very important step when it comes to putting the chords and strumming together.

We go over all of that with you, and then play the entire tune together. Hope you enjoy the lesson!


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