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minor pentatonic scale hammer-ons

Learn how to play lead guitar – topics covered include:

  • Power Chords
  • An Easy Way To Read Guitar TAB (tablature)
  • Holding A Pick and Using Downstrokes and Upstrokes
  • The Minor Pentatonic Scale and Where To Play It
  • Using A Metronome To Improve Your Chops
  • Various Techniques: Hammer-on’s, Pull-off’s, Trills, Bends, Legato Style
  • …and tons of exercises to help you get it all under your fingers!

Riffs & Solos You Can Try

As you’re working on your lead guitar technique and knowledge, you should take the time to learn some actual songs. These lessons range from beginner to intermediate difficulty and, even if you can’t play them yet, they will give you a chance to see the contents of our eBook in action.

using a pick properly guitar technique preview

Interested in something else?

If you’d rather spend your time strumming chords that’s great! We have another eBook that covers a whole other side of playing guitar that might be better suited to what you’re interested in. You can check out our first eBook, “Guide To Chords, Strumming & Rhythm Guitar” here.